Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Check out these holiday cards from paperculture.com.  They are 100% post consumer product and the company will print the addresses and mail them out for you at no extra cost (you only pay the 44 cents for the stamps)!  I love recycled products so i thought i would share this site.  They have some great templates.  Right now you can buy a $50.00 voucher for this site at Eversave.com for only $20.00!  So check out the site... i know the cards might look expensive (as is everything that is recycled and better for the planet) but the voucher savings for the site offsets the extra expense and makes it worth every penny!!

They even have a comparison page for your reference to see the difference between their cards and tinyprints or shutterfly. check it out!

***Also... First time members to Eversave will get a $2.00 credit on their account. That makes it only $18.00 for $50.00 worth of ECO Friendly holiday cards!

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